About us

Technology is our passion. We are flexible and innovative and understand our legal work as design. We deliver legal solutions to your business challenges.

Our mindset

The Great Liability Shift

The new world is upon us. Exciting and challenging as it is, there is no doubt about it – the tech revolution has changed the business rules, taking us into new territories, ‘Where No Lawyer Has Gone Before’.
Faced with unprecedented legal implications, we are all explorers in this New Age of our history.
We can only imagine the endless opportunities that technology and digital may bring. And we must be prepared to navigate within the new boundaries of legal liability in digital business models, as derived from the new privacy and cybersecurity rules.

Our Values

Partnership with a flexible and innovative mindset

Our support combines more than 15 years of legal international know-how and local experience with the insights of our tehnology-specialized partners, in an authentic, flexible and innovative mindset.

Our clients ARE our partners, and we are responsible for their business success.
As professionals, we believe in doing things right, leveraging the precision of the rule of law with business and economic efficiency.

We have a clearly-defined set of working principles and rules of conduct, strongly believing that professional ethics is the first rule of our business.

As pioneers, we assume the responsibility of drawing the map for the next generation. We are curious learners, with a constant eye on the global leaders and innovators. We contribute with our know how and insights to writing the guidelines. We mentor the young, to better prepare them for the future.

Our Mission

Problem solving & innovation

Our mission is legal mapping of Tech uncharted territories, to safely lead clients beyond the challenges and closer to the opportunities.

Let's Work Together!

The quality of our services is not defined by what we deliver, it is what our clients win out of it.
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